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Almost Done!

Well hey folks! (Sorry, I've been conversing with so many people from Southern US as of late that I am starting to talk like them. So ya'll will just have to be patient)
Lots has happened since my last post. I guess the biggest thing to mention here is the crazyness of last week. We had 44 volunteers at the school, teacher workshops all week, and no water.
The one well that feeds both the house I have been staying in and the school went dry on Tuesday, so for two days there was no water to be found except for bottled water. Thanks to a gracious group of volunteers, I was able to shower at one of the local hotels, but it really hits home the things that we take for granted in the States.
We finally got water back by ordering 4 truckloads of water to be pumped into the well. So now I am a bit more careful with the water I use, and the water I allow the children to use at the school.
I have a group of 18 volunteers arriving Monday, so hopefully we can get a bunch done. The major thing is getting 65 student desks put together and painted, which is a major project.
Then the following week i just teacher workshops, and things I don't need to be at the school for, so I am taking my first "vacation" in three months and relaxing for Monday and Tuesday, then I leave Wednesday morning for the states.
Like I've said before, I am really going to miss it here, but I am happy to be on the home stretch. I've been telling the kids that I am leaving in a few weeks, and they've all been sad to see me go. One of them asked if I could take him home in my suitcase (sooo adorable!!).
Anyways, I'll see ya'll soon. I'm off to go shopping for my last week of groceries.


Hey C hris, So I am thinking that I come home for the weekend on the 24th but i am strongly thinking I ight have to see you on the 26th before i head back to MV for one more week. I am going home for a good bye party for my friend who is leaving and my friend Tanya is having a aparty for her so i have to go to that that night on the 25th but ahhhh i can't wait to see you and hear the gossip hehe. it is weird i miss hanging out with you and all our little gossipy things we talk about. Where have you been. Bday duo bash together you and me and others ASAP when i get back haha. Did i tell you I met up with Mike on Martha;s Vineyard when he came down with Courtney? We had fun and got drinks and did the carousel. It was fun and i even got the gold ring lucky me!!1 haha

August 2007

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