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San Pedro

So I know I said I'd be updating this on a regular basis, but Belize internet is incredibly unreliable, and it's been down off and on for the last threeish weeks.
I'm in San Pedro now, where I will be for the remainder of my time. I'm working at the Holy Cross Anglican School near San Mateo, a small village just north of San Pedro Town. I've been working with troubled and abused children, mostly one particular child who is quite behaviorally challenged. Getting anything done with him is like pulling teeth, but I think that I am slowly making progress. I have a few things I'd like to try with him to see if I can make a difference in his classroom behavior (my CSC training put to the test, I suppose).
Otherwise things are decent. I've met a lot of cool people, lots of volunteer groups from all over the US so that's been good. In a few weeks my host here is going on vacation, so I am going to be taking over her job as volunteer coordinator while she's gone, and living in her house (where I am now). It has AC, which is rare here, and cable TV so I can catch up with what's going on in the world, so Im pretty stoked. I also get to take care of her three really annoying dogs.
Anyways folks, I am indeed still alive, just really busy. I don't know when I'll update again, so hang in there. If you desperately need to know what's going on with me on a regular basis, call my parents.
Also, I got a cell phone here. If I knew the number I would post it, but I don't. So I can't. But I'll post it soon so folks can cell me if you wish.


Glad to hear things are going so well Chris!
Welcome back to the world of dysfunctional children. lol :)
That's wicked cool that you will get to stay in your host's house. How cool! And a little more job responsibility! I'm sure that makes you really happy too!
Talk to you soon Chris!

August 2007

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