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Alive and Well

OK, so I know I said I'd try and update this as much as possible, and I've been completely remiss in doing that so I apologize. Things at the school since my last entry have been insanely crazy and this is the first time in a long time when I've had some down time (although not a lot) and internet connection.
The last two weeks was summer school for the kids, so I did some tutoring work for that and helped coordinate a group of 15 volunteers. In addition, last week was Vacation Bible School, the second we've had since I've been here, so I did a lot of work to help coordinate that as well.
My host here is gone to the States until after I leave, so I am officially in charge of things right now. I have 44 volunteers coming in today (some a few hours from now) that I need to orient to Belize and give a tour of the school to, then tomorrow I have a guy coming in to train them on how to build 400 desks using lumber that is supposedly arriving today. In addition, we have another Vacation Bible School this week starting tomorrow, so I spent a good deal of time yesterday putting flyers up around town for that. On top of that, tomorrow evening a woman from the States is arriving to train our new teachers, so I have to coordinate teacher training activities with her, make sure the kitchen staff has enough food, etc., etc., etc,....
This week is going to be insane, then next week I have another group coming in, more teacher training, and another Vacation Bible School.
BUT the upside is that I'm meeting tons of new people. The kids have been amazing. Over the last two weeks I have gotten to know a group of them from San Mateo (most don't go to the school so I haven't met them til now), so now I can't go anywhere without hearing "Mr. Chris!!" (literally) shouted from the rooftops.
It's going to be tough to leave here on the 15th.
Again, I apologize to all of you for not updating this as much as I should. I will try and update again before I leave, but as you can see, life has gotten insane here as of late.
I miss all of you very much, and as much as I love it here, I am looking forward to being back home.
Peace be with you all.


Wow! That sounds really awesome Chris! So much responsibility in your hands! You MUST be loving it. :-P
I'm just glad I've been able to talk to you here and there. It's been great!
I can't wait for the Fiona/Nickel Creek show!!!!!
I can't either! And now you don't need to worry about getting time off work! :)
Yay for small blessings, right?
lol very correct Chris. :-P
Chris, I miss you and sadly when you get back i will be at the vineyard:-(...but we should organize some birthday extravaganza hahha or just you and I and celebrate. haha. I miss hanging out with you and seeing you. I wish i could call you in Belize but I can't call on my cell phone but I have also been very busy lately. Well can't wait to see you when your back in two and a half weeks:-D

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