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Dear friends,
WOW. It is hard to believe that I am already well into my first year as a graduate student. It seems like only yesterday that I was a freshman in college, unsure of where my life would lead me, eager for new and exciting learning experiences. It has been a long road since then and I am grateful for all I have learned and experienced along the way. My education at Colby-Sawyer College showed me my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher, a scholar and as a person. My experiences thus far at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in beautiful South Hamilton, Massachusetts have further strengthened my resolve to put my gifts to use in a practical and meaningful way.
It is for this reason that I am writing to you now. I am proud to be part of a team of over 25 students from Gordon-Conwell being sent on summer mission trips to Chile, Turkey, Taiwan, and other countries around the world. On May 15th, 2007, I will be traveling to Belize City, Belize for 3 months. With the guidance of the Anglican Diocese in Belize City, I will be helping to teach remedial English and mathematics at an Anglican High School, organizing Morning Prayer Services and assisting in the building of a medical clinic and school in San Pedro.
As you can probably well imagine, I am quite excited about this trip. My hope and expectation is that it will be an unforgettable experience. As with any venture of this magnitude, however, it does not come without a cost. As a team, we are working to raise funds to cover the cost of plane tickets and any other expenses accrued during our time overseas. I am hoping to raise $4500 by Friday, March 30th. Any amount of financial support you can give would be immensely appreciated. Of course, your thoughts and prayers are also welcome.
Should you decide to offer financial support, all donations are tax-deductible and can be made payable to “Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary” with my name and student ID #168676 in the subject line. You lucky online people can mail checks directly to ME, at
GCTS Box 321B
South Hamilton, MA 01982

Thank you SO much for your support!!!!



August 2007

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